We just got back from such an awesome and unexpectedly amazing business trip to Omaha, NE. This was our first trip to Nebraska and we seriously could not have had a better time.  From the kindness of the people, to the deliciousness of the food, everything was wonderful!  Here are a few highlights from our trip!

On the road with H&H....we were so happy to make it into Omaha after a 6.5 hour drive from Tulsa!  

We immediately headed to several appointments at local gift shops and baby boutiques to share our H&H products in person!  Every single person at every single store was beyond welcoming.  We were so impressed with the kindness from everyone.  Here are some of the stores you can now find H&H gender reveal loveys...

Posh Princess & Prince is such an adorable baby boutique, they have tons of cute baby apparel, an entire wall of bows, and gifts galore!  It is located in the Shoppes at Legacy center.  We loved this shopping area, there were a ton of places to shop and restaurants to eat at! I could see this area being my go to for a girls shopping day!

Baby Junk is the Omaha mommy's go to for Baby organic products.  From awesome baby wearing products, a diaper service, apparel and gifts, they have it all!  The amazing thing about Baby Junk is they are located right next door to a Stork Vision 3D Ultrasound. You can find out what you are having, pop in right next door for one of our Gender Reveal Loveys and are ready to find out if you are having a boy or girl ASAP!  To top it off the owner Andrea is so sweet, and even got to meet her little ones who were at work with her.  We are of course, suckers for a family business and totally relate with bringing littles to work!

Next stop was Rosie Jane and oh.my.goodness!  This store was full of so much cuteness.  I literally wanted to take home one of everything and re-do my girls entire room!  PRECIOUS!  The owner Amy is amazing as well, if I lived in Omaha, I'd definitely want to hang with Amy.  She also gave us an amazing dinner suggestion that we thoroughly enjoyed.  She owns Spruce just a couple of doors down, and there I wanted to take home one of everything and re-do the rest of my house.  Both stores were perfection!

Next up, was True Blue this was a store where you could shop for both mama and baby and has such a super cool vibe!  They have a gallery wall where they continuously rotate out art shows.  Check out art and shop at the same time, I mean how cool is that!? It is located in a trendy area of Omaha in the Saddlecreek Records complex, and is an area I would choose for a fun date night with my hubby!  The owner Melissa was so sweet, we are so excited to be in their store!

We have more info to come about our trip to Omaha in Part 2.  We will fill you in on where you can find our Event Plates, the yummy places we ate and our exciting morning sharing about H&H on the Morning Blend!  Stay tuned!