The Beautiful Carolinas

We have always wanted to go to South and North Carolina, so we decided to take a last minute trip. After 3 different planes with mechanical problems we happily arrived in Charleston.

Immediate preconceived images and thoughts about them came to mind. But Charleston surpassed all of our wonderful assumptions. The people, whom we thought we going to have the Southern hospitality, were that and so much more. We felt like we walked away from store owners making life long friends.  The town was full of beauty and history. The only thing we were disappointed by was that we did not have our historical husbands with us.  We loved all of the homes in Charleston! On every street we found a different favorite house. One our favorite streets was called Rainbow Row. The homes were painted different colors. They were next to the waterfront and in the distance you could see Fort Sumter. We walked along the roads that had homes dated back to the seventeen hundreds. They did a great job of keeping the homes historical feel with gas lights and cobble stone roads. 

At dinner we sat outside and ate local delicacies. And as you can see in our pictures, we enjoyed our time at the hat shop.

On the second day we crossed over Ravenal Bridge into Mt. Pleasant.

The town could not have been any cuter!  The town was along the water way and they had beautiful beaches and outdoor restaurants galore! We even drove over to Sullivan's Island. We could see why so many people want to come here, not only to vacation, but also to reside. 

On the third day we had to sadly leave. Our first stop was at South Catalina's capital, Columbia. It was an adorable town. To our surprise, they had a large Greek community.

Besides going to visit adorable stores, we stopped at a Greek restaurant before heading on to Charlotte, North Carolina.  It too was beautiful! The homes and tree lined roads were incredible. We too felt like we made life long friends from our new stores that we got into! At night we loved the how alive the night life was. We could not leave without trying their famous fried green tomatoes! They were beyond yummy! 

Sadly we had to leave, but happily we know that we are coming back on a family trip in the near future!


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