We Love Lexington

Lauren and I recently flew to Lexington, Kentucky. Neither one of us had either been there before. We were pleasantly surprised as we looked out of our plane to see large plantation type homes on large green grass estates with horses dotted in the fields. Lexington was a place that anyone would love to live. The town itself appeared to be so new. It was surrounded by large, but charming, southern type manors with huge expanses of green grass and most with picketed fences. And race horses were everywhere!

We arrived late afternoon and hurried to stores. Our first stop was The Gift Box. It was a adorable tea room filled with an assortment of gifts. We met Laura, the owner. She was so nice! Her menu was to die for. So wish we were not on there on business.

Our next stop was Peggy's Gifts & Accessories. Her boutique was in an historic building and it was beyond adorable! Peggy was the epitome of southern charm!

And our final stop was Belly Baby Spa and Imaging Center. What a perfect place to spoil new mommies to be and find out if they are having a baby boy or girl! So loved meeting Crystal! What a sweetheart!

We finally decided to grab a bite. You would think that we would have headed to grab a southern type meal, but instead we decided on yummy sushi! The sushi looked like art on a plate. It was amazing how beautiful our food looked! We almost did not want to eat it!

The next morning we awoke to a crazy storm! It was pouring, hailing and there was 70 to 80 mile winds! Fortunately by the time that we headed to WKYT to do our news segment, the rain had stopped. We were taken back when we arrived the the News Station.  It was in such a beautiful building, with bright green grass and a picket fence.  We were greeted by Shea, who helped get us ready for our shoot. It was awesome being interviewed by Barbara and Bill. They were so laid back that it seemed like we were meeting with old friends rather than being interviewed for a news segment!

Next we headed to Baptist Health where we met the gift shop manager Carla. Loved her wit and knowledge! What a beautiful gift shop and hospital. We had the sweetest gentlemen give us a ride to the hospital. He asked Lauren to sing with him on our little drive. Before you knew it, there they were singing, "In the Jungle!" Hysterical and adorable at the same time! Next we were headed to Versailles, Kentucky. Along the way we passed a Castle! What a crazy thing to see in the midst of the Kentucky landscape!

So happy we went to Versailles. We oohed and awed when arrived. Such a precious town. Their historic architecture was completely untouched! Completely Presh! It seemed like every other block had a church on it. I love Jesus loving people.

We met Maria who owns Pretty in Pink. What a cute store! She sent us onto another scenic journey to Midway, Kentucky. Such an adorable town filled with historic buildings! We loved it!

 Lauren was on a mission to find American Pharoah! We found an elaborate horse estate that had a small building at the front with guards. We don't know for sure if it was Pharoah's home or not, but we would like to think so!☺️ After that, we went to Keeneland Race Track. Wow, what beautiful grounds! We had to make a stop for a quick selfie of us in front of a horse crossing sign.

Finally we ended the day with dinner at Pints and Pies for a wonderful dinner. We couldn't finish our pizza so Lauren decided to take it back to Tyler, the desk clerk at our hotel. What a sweetheart! For that matter, all of Lexington residents were beyond kind!

We conked out and woke up at 4:00am to head to the airport, but not before one more silly pic of us with a metal horse statue! We had a layover in Chicago. When we arrived at 6:00am. To my daughter's embarrassment, I was on a mission to find a Chicago style hotdog. Oh well, I had to settle on a pretzel. Next time Chicago!

And finally sitting here waiting to take off and watching Lauren still working away on her phone. Where does she find the energy!

Next stop home sweet home!