About Us

Welcome to Hudson and Heart, we are so glad you stopped by. At Hudson and Heart we strive to make gifts that uplift, inspire, and that are just down right cute. We put so much heart, thought, and prayer into each and every product in hopes that everything we create makes the all encompassing perfect gift. We truly hope our items are something your recipient will cherish for a lifetime.

The Hudson and Heart brand was created by bouncing around ideas over our weekly Sunday dinners. We were all in a place in our lives where we wanted to do something we truly loved, and we wanted to do it together. The company got its name from "Hudson", the street we grew up on and where the company is based. "Heart" came from the love that we put into this company and our family everyday!

In the beginning stages of creating Hudson and Heart, we had many conversations about what makes a gift special. To us, gifts that are special have meaning behind them and also can be a keepsake we can look back on for years to come. With those themes in mind, we decided that all of our gifts would incorporate special symbolism. Some of our symbols are hidden, while others are quite obvious, but the common thread amongst each and every gift is the symbolism tied to them.

Another reason that we felt so strongly about creating a unique gift business, is we all find such joy in giving to others. To us giving, in many ways, is so much better than receiving. Our faith in the Lord has always taught us to give back. Because of this, with each plate that is purchased, we are able to donate a meal to a child in need. We love that by purchasing a gift for a loved one you are also able to help children around the world. To learn more about the charity we are donating to click here.